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Spoilsbury Toastboy -2 (4.12 MB) submitted Dec 28 2010 played times
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The episode opens outside the grey building in which Toast Boy and his family live in. Toast Boy is shown peering out across the wasteland which surrounds his home, before his attention his drawn to an urgent banging on the wall. This is revealed to be the work of a beetle, who teases Toast Boy before telling him it's been spying on him in the shower. Toast Boy is then grabbed by a robotic arm and summarily dumped in his work place, where children slave to provide toasties for a hugely obese beetle. The big beetle demands that Toast Boy's shoe is added to the broth, which another beetle proceeds to do. The next scene shows Toast Boy's grandmother, her face swarming with smaller beetles; the attention snaps to the room above, in which Toast Boy's sister Liache is shown standing in "Doctor Jill's Practice". A doctor Beetle appears, and tells Liache that she should treat the mucus that makes her breathing difficult with respect; if she doesn't, she doesn't deserve to breathe at all. Later on, Liache and Toast Boy are shown in bed together, Liache telling her brother that she suspects that "granny is a witch, she's going to cook us for the beetles". They are ordered to sleep by a robotic voice; after they do so, a small army of beetles are shown watching them. One declares that pleasant thoughts are a distraction, falls out of a ceiling hatch and crawls into Toast Boy's ear. What follows is a gruesome dream sequence; terrible images of grandma being raped by beetles and turning into a beetle herself are run into relatively peaceful scenes, one featuring what appears to be Toast Boy's father. Toast Boy wakes up in a sweat to find Liache gone. The next scene shows Toast Boy and his grandmother back in the room with the fire. Grandma bids Toast Boy to moisten her "gash" with some cream, which he does so with visible disgust, withdrawing his hand to find several beetles stuck to it. He asks where Liache has gone; grandma replies that she is currently residing at a different postcode. The action cuts to Liache, tied upside down above a pool of water. Two beetles say that her mucus has told them that she doesn't deserve to breathe, and as they lower her into the pool to drown, that "you've just got to trust us on these things, we're in the know".

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