Exploding Dots

Exploding Dots
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Exploding dots is a fun idle game. The dots are here and they are taking over. The only way to save the day is to click on the dots and stop them from multiplying. In order to destroy a dot you simply have to click on it, sounds simple right? Well, perhaps it is a bit more complicated than that. It wouldn't be a game if it wasn't hard after all. See, there are no second chances in Exploding Dots. If you make one mistake you are out, and in exploding dots, if you try to click on a moving dot but miss, you're dead. That is it, game over, no second chances, no extra lives, no cheat codes. Just like real life. There are two ways to fail at Exploding dots: 1. The dots multiply to the point where they fill up the whole screen. It's a slow ugly death and it proves you weren't doing your job. 2. You accidentally click the purple background instead of a dot. This is quick and painless death but at least you went out trying to win. Either way though, you lose and will be haunted by your own failure, especially as you look upon the leaderboard and see that it populated by people with better attention to detail and more determination than you could muster.


Left mouse button - Interact

Release Date

Jan 24 2020

File Size

About 930 Kb



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