Hyper Racing Madness

Hyper Racing Madness
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Hyper Racing Madness takes you at journey of "The Driver" where you drive the wheel of sports cars from multiple top notch car companies, from an entry level car such as the Dodge Challenger, to an expensive super car like the Lamborghini Hurricane. The player races against artificial intelligence-controlled cars in a 3D environment, with the objective of winning the race and hence obtaining 3 stars in the level. Over the course of the game, the player can gradually unlock access to various new cars, levels, maps, and race modes. Players can also choose to play in a 1-player quick race or challenge a friend in the 2-player mode featured in Hyper Racing Madness.


For "Player A" Direction Keys-(Up,Down,Left,Right) Enter- Reset position Esc- Pause Race For "Player B" Direction Keys-(W,A,S,D) Tab- Reset position Esc- Pause Race ------------------- Classic: Cross the finish line first to win. Escape: Finish the laps before the timer runs out. Survival: Don't came last when the timer runs out . Infection: Infected cars have temporary engine boost . Special: Mix of escape and survival modes.

Release Date

Nov 24 2022

File Size

About 297 Kb



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